Inspired Curated Unusual All for your family

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Inspired Curated Unusual All for your family

This summer, why not consider a holiday within India with your family, We have a selection of wonderful options for you to choose from. The aim is to make it fun and interesting for your children, yet they learn something along the way so that they have warm, wonderful and exciting memories to take back home. We have blended a range of experiences for all the family.

Each of these vacations has been carefully curated for 4 / 5 / 6 nights with a focus on the local culture, on nature and unique family friendly activities.

Experience the river and discover the forest. Quiet by the River is a charming, family-friendly, riverside eco-lodge located on a 47-acre island on the Periyar River in Kerala. It enjoys a beautiful, tranquil setting within the beautiful Malayattor reserve forest. Cut yourself off and breathe in clean air and experience nature at its best with nature walks, picnic lunches by the riverside.

Experience life on a farm, Punjabi style as you head towards Amritsar and experience the large heartedness and effervescence of Punjabi culture at the lovely Punjabiyat. Experience a rural atmosphere, with fresh air and fresh produce all the while staying amongst vast blooming green fields, crisscrossed by long canals.

This family getaway is the perfect combination of history, nature and wildlife. Stay the beautiful Wild Mahseer Lodge near Tezpur Assam in the heart of the Eastern Himalayas, a colonial plantation bungalow located on 22 acres of tropical land surrounded by tea gardens. It epitomises old-world charm and gracious living. From here, let the call of the wild beckon you to the spectacular Diphlu River Lodge on the periphery of Kaziranga National park.

The stark, awe-inspiring landscape of Spiti Valley has attracted always the adventurous. Its residents have a truly unique way of life and have adapted to the cold desert environment of the trans-Himalayas. This journey through Spiti is a wonderful opportunity to make travel fun and meaningful for you and your children.

Shillong is one of the smallest yet naturally fascinating capital cities surrounded by lush greenery, thick forest cover and a spectacular climate through the year. This stay at the luxurious cottages of RI KYNJAI, which literally means “Serenity by the Lake”, offers nature lovers the perfect getaway is stunning surroundings.

The Mary Budden Estate has been lovingly restored to its former 19th century glory. The estate is remotely located in a cosy corner of the Kumaon region and it seamlessly blends into its surroundings making it the perfect place to catch up with yourself, friends and family. It is also one of only five privately owned estates in the Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary.

Set on the banks of the Ganges, surrounded by forested hills is the serene & peaceful Aloha on the Ganges. Rishikesh offers its guests a range of surreal experiences from adventure treks and nature trails to river rafting on the Ganges and hiking. For some quiet moments one can meditate on the sand beach by the river Ganges or experience yoga.

Spectacular landscapes and tribal villages. Rolling hills & lush valleys. Vibrant locals and absorbing history. Nagaland is one of India’s most beautiful states, where its locals are fiercely proud of their identity, where folklore still abounds, with stories passed down from generation to generation.

Surrounded by natural greenery & boasting quiet surroundings, Destiny Farmstay is located in Avalanche, 25 km from Ooty on the fringes of the Nilgiri Biosphere reserve. Located between two enchantingly verdant hills, and a pristine lake, Destiny allows you to be you, whether to fill your days with unending adventures, or with blissful seclusion.

Chikmaglur is a haven of peace and tranquility and nestled along the Mullayangiri hills of Chikmaglur, in the thick of an active coffee plantation is the beautiful 20-villa Java Rain. Covered in mist and lush greenery on all sides with breath-taking panoramic views, Java Rail Villas is just an ideal getaway in the summer.

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