Meet The Team

From athletes to tech junkies, from music lovers to dancers, we’re a pretty lively bunch here at Odyssey. The one thing we share in common is our love of travel and our passion to ensure that we craft memorable experiences for our clients.

  • Nikhil Thakurdas

    Nikhil Thakurdas

  • Aparna Thakurdas

    Aparna Thakurdas

  • Sona Bhatia

    Sona Bhatia

  • Rajesh Ghighe

    Rajesh Ghighe

  • Abhijit Jagdale

    Abhijit Jagdale

  • Neha Salve

    Neha Salve

  • Nidhi Bali

    Nidhi Bali

  • Mitali Sudame

    Mitali Sudame

  • Nilesh Gosal

    Nilesh Gosal

  • Rutwik Mane

    Rutwik Mane

  • Abhijit Ghodekar

    Abhijit Ghodekar

  • Sourabh Dalvi

    Sourabh Dalvi

  • Rajesh Gantelu

    Rajesh Gantelu

  • Aniket Kulkarni

    Aniket Kulkarni

  • Prerana Kholkar

    Prerana Kholkar

  • Akshay Baviskar

    Akshay Baviskar

  • Mr. Tanmeet Singh Anand

    Mr. Tanmeet Singh Anand

  • Avanee Kolhatkar

    Avanee Kolhatkar

  • Sahil Shaikh

    Sahil Shaikh