Self -Drive Holidays – take the road less travelled!

Posted on 06-Mar-2019 by Administrator

Road trips have always had a charm of their own. What better way to enjoy a holiday than by renting a swanky car and discovering a foreign country by traversing its length and breadth with excellent music and lovely company? There is no tour-like ‘schedule’ to follow. See what you want, whether it’s a world-famous tourist destination or even a tiny little hamlet that caught your fancy. If you want... Continue Reading

Luxe Mauritius

Posted on 15-Jan-2019 by Administrator

Right in the middle of the vast Indian Ocean lies the paradisiacal little isle of Mauritius. It has forever been a tourist favourite, with the surrounding emerald blue waters, beaches and stunning natural beauty. Its capital city, Port Louis, is a refreshingly modern blend of multiple cultures while being a centre for perhaps the best water sports in the world. You can no doubt enjoy some priceless moments exploring the... Continue Reading

Top 7 Hidden Gems of Rajasthan

Posted on 10-Dec-2018 by Administrator

Rajasthan is one part of India that exudes old world charm, opulence and royalty. The home of the mighty Rajputs, it has a rich martial history and some of the most breathtaking forts and palaces to be found. The state has so much to offer – from the endless dunes of the Thar Desert stretching from Jodhpur till Jaisalmer, the historic semi-arid Shekhawati region, to the religious places of Ajmer... Continue Reading