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The Top Off-beat Destinations in Rajasthan

Posted on 24-Aug-2015 by Administrator

When people think about a holiday in Rajasthan, the most popular destinations covered in the travel plan are Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur and Jaisalmer. But Rajasthan has so much more to offer! We recommend some hidden gems that are generally less crowded and peaceful, but also showcase the colourful culture and rich history of Rajasthan. This is one state where you can keep going back for more and discovering something new... Continue Reading

10 Best Hill Stations in India

Posted on 19-Jun-2015 by Administrator

Hill stations in India have been synonymous with crisp mountain air, verdant hills offering stunning views and being an excellent getaway for city weary travellers. We owe many of the hill stations in India to the legacy of the British Raj who made some of them their summer capitals. Shimla was the first of these hill stations to be developed by the British and then Darjeeling, Mussorrie, Nainital and the... Continue Reading

The Club Med Holiday Experience

Posted on 10-Mar-2015 by Administrator

Want to experience a different kind of vacation? Where its genuinely ‘all included’, where you are spoilt for choice for activities and entertainment (again, all included) and where you are truly treated as a guest by professionally trained staff. If your answer is yes, then a Club Med holiday is exactly what you are looking for!    What is Club Med? Club Med (meaning Club Méditerranée) is a French corporation of vacation resorts... Continue Reading

Fairs & Festivals at exotic destinations in India

Posted on 03-Jan-2015 by Administrator

India is a diverse land, often described as a land of many religions and languages, but it might as well be described as a land of festivals. There is some festival or the other being held throughout the country, almost year round. A diverse country like India celebrates festivals of almost all the faiths in the world – be it Hindu festivals like Dussehra, Holi & Diwali or Muslim festivals... Continue Reading

Experience Sikkim – the Jewel of the Eastern Himalayas

Posted on 21-Nov-2014 by Administrator

Small albeit spectacular, Sikkim is an offbeat, unknown and unforgettable destination, perched imperially in the Eastern Himalayas, spreading across 7,096 sq kms. The magnificent snow-capped Kanchendzonga (8,586 m), the third highest peak in the world and the jewel in Sikkim's crown, overlooks the state and is even revered by Sikkimese people as their protective deity in a series of amazing autumn festivals. Well-preserved and pristine Sikkim, often referred to as the... Continue Reading

Experience the Beauty of Leh & Ladakh

Posted on 10-Sep-2014 by Administrator

Leh & Ladakh, situated amidst the Great Himalayas and the Karakoram ranges in the scenic state of Jammu and Kashmir, are two of the most spectacular places in the world where scores of tourists from across the globe throng annually. Emblems of pure paradisiacal beauty, Leh & Ladakh are all about awe-inspiring landscapes, picturesque green oasis, scintillating monasteries and quaint hamlets. You are taken in by the breathtaking beauty the... Continue Reading

The Neighbouring Himalayan Kingdoms of Nepal and Bhutan

Posted on 20-Aug-2014 by Administrator

The neighbouring Himalayan kingdoms of Nepal and Bhutan are renowned worldwide for their incredible landscapes, history, nature and local people with simple lifestyle and faithful beliefs. These landlocked nations, with exotic cultures have been cloaked in secrecy and mystery from the rest of the world by the massive Himalayas for centuries. Home to iconic constructions – be it temples or palaces, these chaotic yet captivating countries offer varied and unique... Continue Reading

The Best River Rafting Experiences in India

Posted on 15-Jun-2014 by Administrator

River rafting is undoubtedly one of the most enthralling and physically demanding adventure sports in the world. The adrenaline rush and the excitement experienced while riding and tumbling down the white waters of fast flowing rivers across boulder strewn beds is simply unmatched by any other sport. In fact, India is the go-to destination for river rafting, owing to the powerful rivers that offer `raft-worthy’ rapids, like Teesta, Ganges, Brahmaputra,... Continue Reading

Kashmir – India’s Switzerland

Posted on 13-May-2014 by Administrator

Nestled between the great Himalayas and the Pir Panjal Range in Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) State in north India, the unearthly beautiful Kashmir Valley, is undoubtedly one of the most stunning regions to travel in India. Snowcapped mountains, fruit laden orchards, divine waterfalls, lily-laden lakes, green meadows with blooming flowers and lush green surroundings of Kashmir has rightly earned it the sobriquet of being “India’s Switzerland”. Extravagantly beautiful, bestowed with... Continue Reading

Discover Sri Lanka's Jewels

Posted on 14-May-2013 by Administrator

Described by Marco Polo as 'the jade of the Indian ocean', the tiny palm-fringed island of Sri Lanka boasts a number of World Heritage Sites and ancient temples filled with mystery. With its rich heritage, plethora of cultural treasures, stunning scenery and incredible wildlife, Sri Lanka offers explorers the chance to venture beyond the irresistible beaches and embark on a journey to discover Sri Lanka’s hidden jewels. Sri Lanka's Cultural Triangle The... Continue Reading

The Best Heritage Hotels in India

Posted on 11-Apr-2013 by Administrator

The Maharajas in India have left a royal legacy with their palaces and havelis still holding onto their glory. At present, the erstwhile residences of the royal families in various states of India serve as luxury & boutique hotels and offer tourists a chance to live king size and experience the rich culture, tradition & timeless history. Rambagh Palace, Jaipur The Rambagh Palace at Jaipur exudes history and royalty that lies embedded... Continue Reading

India’s Best Destinations for Adventure

Posted on 02-Jan-2013 by Administrator

With a bewildering array of geographically architected places, diverse landscapes, broad sweep of terrain and climate, India is simply a magical destination for adventure travel. If you’re looking for an adventure break that will get your energy pumping and adrenaline flowing, then we have a bucket list of some of the best adventure destinations in Incredible India. Experience the unforgettable - visit remote monasteries riding through some of the windiest... Continue Reading

Top 10 Spa Resorts in India

Posted on 20-Dec-2012 by Administrator

Treat yourself to a luxurious spa break– choose from our selection of the top 10 spa destinations and resorts in India. Breathe fresh air, experience the joy of living with nature, get pampered by the best spa specialists and then return to everyday life, refreshed and rejuvenated! A combination of destination spas and hotel spas, this list includes our most beloved places to escape from reality. Wherever you choose to travel,... Continue Reading

Romantic Getaways for Beach Lovers in India

Posted on 14-Sep-2012 by Administrator

There’s nothing quite like getting away from the hustle and bustle of city life for some real time-out relaxing on white, powdery sand beaches, soaking up the sun's rays, dipping your toes in the sea, building a sandcastle, having an adventurous ride on a jet ski or simply unwinding with a good book and dozing off in a hammock. A good beach holiday is the perfect antidote to our stressed... Continue Reading

Wildlife Experiences in India

Posted on 28-Aug-2012 by Administrator

India has captured the interest of many nature lovers and at present boasts of almost 500 wildlife sanctuaries, 100 national parks and 14 biosphere reserves, making it one of the best destinations for wildlife safaris. Odyssey Travels presents the best national parks, distinct wildlife experiences and the best eco-tourism lodges to stay promising an unforgettable, guilt free trip into the country’s animal kingdom. The Popular Tiger Reserves in India India is home... Continue Reading

The Journey less Travelled - North-East India

Posted on 14-Jun-2012 by Administrator

India, a land of rich diversity is home to more than a billion people, 28 different states, each having its own distinct identity, varied culture, food, and language. Ethnically distinct from the rest of India and tucked away in the beauteous Himalayan country is the north-eastern region of India which further accentuates the great Indian diversity. North-East India is a jig-saw of natural and cultural splendors of its seven states, collectively... Continue Reading

Family Fun Getaways

Posted on 12-Apr-2012 by Administrator

A family trip is a time to bond, be adventurous, spend quality time, learn new things and create memories that will be treasured forever. So if you are planning a getaway where you can unwind and let the kids have a blast without getting in your hair, we have a great variety of holiday destinations that every family can enjoy. Whether you've got teens or tots in tow, Odyssey Travels... Continue Reading

Witness Action Packed Sports Performances This Holiday Season

Posted on 23-Feb-2012 by Administrator

Discover the fascinating wonders of some of the most spectacular destinations in the world, while you immerse yourself in the frenzy of your favourite sports event, live! A sports holiday is a perfect combination for any fan looking for a getaway that’s beyond just lazing around a sunny beach, sipping cocktails. So if you are one of those sports enthusiasts who enjoys the excitement of cheering your favourite team/ player... Continue Reading

10 captivating experiences in Kerala in August

Posted on 02-Jan-2012 by Administrator
10 captivating experiences in Kerala in August

Embroidered by the breathtaking Arabian Sea on one hand and a land rich in surreal beauty, emerald backwaters, serene beaches, lofty hills, sprawling paddy fields, exotic wildlife, enchanting art forms and delectable cuisine makes Kerala a truly divine place, rightly accredited as "God's Own Country". This paradise offers visitors with an exceptional experience and continues to charm with its varied hues. Kerala has turned into a major tourist destination attracting travellers... Continue Reading