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The month of December is fast approaching. Now is the time to plan for the year end celebrations. We tempt you to look beyond the same old ambience and party scene and bid adieu to the current year and celebrate the New Year in one of the world’s hottest party destinations. From riotous street parties and fireworks extravaganzas, to marching bands and torchlight processions, here are some of the best New Year's Eve parties from around the world.

Bali, Indonesia

Bali has been celebrated as the Island of the Gods for centuries. Eat, Love, Pray gives us an eventful glimpse into the heart of Bali. As much the beaches and the exotic natural scenery may be beautiful and serene, so is conversely the nightlife and party scene here in Bali, all jazzed up and rocking through the hours of darkness.
The fervor of celebrations gets even more dramatic during the New Years Eve, where many tourists from all over the world unite here to participate in the year end party frenzy scene. Bali is brimming with clubs, bars and pubs that host some of the hottest international DJ’s during this period.
The happening areas in Bali are the Kuta beach, Seminyak and the Legian area. Those wanting the outdoors, like thousands of others, will celebrate the New Years Eve in the open air, on Kuta beach which hosts a mammoth firework show and the revelries continue till the wee morning hours. To name a few, Kuta beach has hot nightclubs like Hard Rock Café, Kama Sutra, Musro, and the Wave. On similar lines, Seminyak area has KuTeDa, F Lounge, Double Six Club, Bahiana and Paparazzi pubs to get into the groove and party mood.

Phuket, Thailand

Phuket is a major tourist-bustling destination in Thailand. Famous for its white beaches and sapphire blue waters, Phuket is Thailand's largest island. Year-long there are many festivities and socials happening in and around of Phuket, but the island really picks up zest during the New Year’s Eve.
The two hottest year end party destinations in Phuket are - the Patong Beach and the Phuket Town area. These areas are a crowd puller because of the colorful and peppy nightlife that is famed throughout the world. You will find a vast array of nightlife options to choose from - you could welcome the New Year in open beach parties, or in lavish gala-style dinners and parties held by the 5 star Hotels. Either ways, the island has a gig for every party type.
And the island of Phuket offers blissful, serene places in the form of west-coast beaches, open for those seeking some quiet, lonely time on New Year’s Eve.

Sydney, Australia

Sydney has always been a popular nightlife destination is Australia. And on New Year’s Eve this city comes to light, literally. The amazing fireworks at midnight on the stroke of New Year at the Sydney Harbour Bridge are popular throughout the globe. More than a million people flock to Australia on 31st December, each year, to be first ones to welcome the New Year. This spectacular event of fireworks and pyrotechnics is displayed twice in the night - first at 9 pm, called the Family Fireworks and latter at 12 am, called the Midnight Fireworks. The fireworks are synchronized to music pieces and each year the pyrotechnic display is pertinent to a specific theme. The coming New Years Eve theme has been set as Shine, and circling around the theme are the various shapes and symbols displayed.
What you may not get in other destinations is free of cost street parties, where everyone is invited. So if you are on a budget worry not, Sydney has a dozen street parties being held throughout the city for you to enjoy your night till the brisk dawn. Alternately, for those willing to spend, clubs like Marquee, Jacksons on George, Hotel Sweeney’s, and the likes are the hottest New Year’s Eve party clubs in Sydney.

Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza is an intriguing mixture of both worlds - a party house and also a nature’s paradise. So along with luscious greens you will find everything that sets this place apart. Up market shopping, superior bars as well as sober hippy-markets. The place has something to offer everyone.
Remember the animated video song by the internationally-famed Pop Band Vegaboys? Yes, the same song that made Ibiza a household name, which was intentionally titled Ibiza itself. Ibiza has been crowned with the ceremonious title of party capital of the world. Needless to say, here you find the best nightclubs and pubs in the world and the best international DJ’s like David Guetta belting out the hottest music.
The two main party destinations, where the revelries never end, are the Ibiza Town and San Antonio. These places especially glow up during the New Years Eve party fever. The most happening clubs in Ibiza would be Space, Pacha, and El Paradis. So you get equal prospects of partying indoors as well as outdoors. But since the outskirts of Ibiza are so magically fascinating with the blue waters and fun-filled people around, why not welcome the New Year amidst beach parties?

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Dutch are known to have a great time when it comes to partying and celebrating special occasions. And this unique feature is strikingly manifested in the way people in Amsterdam celebrate or rather welcome the New Year. People often say that if you have one last resolution to make at the end of a year, then it better be spending the New Year’s Eve in Amsterdam. Such is the party gusto around New Year in Amsterdam that people from throughout the world throng to this place at least once in their lifetime.
New Year celebrations are more than plain revelries for the Dutchmen; this is more of a traditional custom here. Everyone takes to the road before midnight to celebrate the New Year. People flock to the streets to see the bizarre, congesting fireworks lighting up the midnight sky of Amsterdam. And most bars and pubs open only just before midnight serving people till the wee hours of the night. What adds an extra flavor to the already vibrant nightlife is the New Years Eve Countdown Concert held in Museumplein, Amsterdam. International DJ’s and Dutch bands perform at the concert and the atmosphere is electric. The party os hosted by the city council so its free to attend.
The party begins in December where the festivities are in full swing. And the party does not end with the new dawn of a New Year. The somber month of January sees a sale-explosion, a haven for bargainers and shopaholics alike. So make it a point to travel to Amsterdam in December or January – you won’t be disappointed!

Mykonos, Greece

On numerous occasions, Greece has made it to our ‘’must see’’ lists. And, Mykonos makes it to this list as a destination with rocking nightlife and the best New Year parties. Like Ibiza, Mykonos is also a nature’s delight with green, plush environments, electric blue waters, white beaches, breathtaking sunsets, easy treks, snorkeling, boat excursions and more. Add to that, great food, high-end shopping and a happening nightlife scene makes Mykonos a magnet that attracts people from all around the world.
The petite, cosmopolitan island has something to offer every party animal. Manifold bars, pubs and night clubs, the island of Mykonos hosts internationally-renowned DJ artistes that entertain the people with foot tapping music. Partying all day long and continuing the revelries from dusk till dawn is a common practice with the people visiting Mykonos. As with all the islands, Mykonos is also known to hold crazy beach parties.
The atmosphere in Mykonos reaches a crescendo during the New Year period. The party fever is doubled by glamour and glitz with world renowned international DJ’s playing at the leading bars and clubs. Mykonos has been famously dubbed as the Ibiza of Greece. Is that a good enough excuse to party in Mykonos?

Las Vegas, USA

Does Las Vegas need any introduction? Las Vegas tops almost everyone’s bucket list of a ‘’must see’’ destination when visiting USA. Las Vegas is every party-goers paradise. Casinos standing tall shoulder-to-shoulder, exquisite performances and shows, sky-lighting fireworks, world’s A-list entertainers, party fever that rises with every heart beat - everything about Vegas is like living life kingsize!
On New Year’s Eve, the whole of Vegas becomes one giant disco floor, with people literally grooving to the latest chartbusters on the streets itself. There’s fine dining, fine drinking and fine dancing. Las Vegas saw a staggering number of 300,000 visitors during the last NYE. Las Vegas is also particularly famous for the wide array of strip clubs here, catering to every style of tastes. And on New Year’s Eve the place is buzzing with A-list celebs and performers, entertaining the audiences with their signature performances.
Pop artists and music sensations like Bruno Mars, Beyoncé, Celine Dion, the Black Eyed Peas, Cirque Du Soleil, and the likes are a frequent bevy of stars performing here. The Fremont Street holds the most anticipated laser light show which is free for all.
With all the glitz and glamour, no wonder Las Vegas is the Entertainment Capital of the World. Are you ready for Sin City?

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Think of Brazil and the one picture that illuminates in the mind is the colorful, vibrant carnivals that parade the streets. Huge mannequins, big balloons suspended in the sky, sequined bikini-clad women, with flamboyant feathers on the head, acrobatic men, and massive parades following each other, with a crazy lot of onlookers cheering from the sides.
For New Years, you can multiply the atmosphere of the carnival with ten times more zest and exuberance, especially in Rio de Janeiro. Rio gets an astounding figure of 2 million travelers on an average in a year with a major blip during New Years and the Carnival period in February.
Along with fun, dance and entertainment, the landscape also observes what is known as Candomble Ceremonies. Wherein, before anyone heads to the party spots, people dress in pristine whites to offer burning candles into the sea. It’s a homage tradition to pay respect to the sea goddess Lemanjá. After this ritual, the real party begins. Every beach has several music stages setup, where popular artistes perform right through the night. Copacabana is the beach to be if you want a flavor of the real crowd.
As a part of the tradition, when the clock strikes midnight, the crowds are drenched into a rain of champagne under the beaming display of fabulous fireworks up in the sky. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience not to be missed.

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