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Northern Lights - ‘Tis the Season for Magic

Posted on 27-Nov-2019 by Author : Deesha Jhaveri - Travel Enthusiast and Blogger

Did you ever love fairy tales as a child? Fantastical stories of witches, wonder and magic? Where a swish of a wand could turn a rat into a stallion, an urchin into a princess and a drab day into happily every after. Perhaps the reason mankind has forever been (and will forever be) fascinated with fairy tales is that they present a version of the world that we would aspire...

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Discover the Adriatic Heaven - Croatia

Posted on 13-Jun-2019 by Administrator

If you are even a passing fan of international football, you would have surely been awed by the enthralling rise and stellar performance of a tiny nation that made it to the finals of the FIFA 2018 World Cup - Croatia. A small, unassuming nation located on the coast of the Adriatic Sea, Croatia was until recently, a beautiful European country with medieval era-esque towns and lovely beaches. It was...

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Turkish Delight – A Journey through paradise country

Posted on 26-Dec-2014 by Administrator

Turkey is paradise country that is on every travelers bucket list. This fascinating land is spread out over two continents and is surrounded by sea from all three sides with pristine mountain ranges that lay parallel to the length of the 8000 km long coastline. The country is engulfed with the Mediterranean Sea to its south, Aegean Sea to its west and Black sea to its north and shares its...

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Spain’s World Heritage Cities

Posted on 11-Apr-2014 by Administrator

Spain, situated in the southwest corner of Europe on what is recognized as the Iberian Peninsula, is one of the most famous tourist destinations on the continent. Home to thirteen magnificent World Heritage Cities and forty World Heritage Sites, declared by UNESCO, Spain is truly a splendid place to visit. From historical towns to bustling cities, scrumptious cuisine, world-famous folklore and festivals, relaxed lifestyle, friendly inhabitants and vivacious nightlife, there...

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Most Scenic Trails in Europe

Posted on 13-Sep-2013 by Administrator

A truly great trail winds into the essence of a place, so when assembling this list of Europe’s great hikes, we looked for walks that travel deeper into a location’s history, scenic beauty and culture. Each trail tells a rich story so whether you choose from Amalfi Coast in Italy, Santorini in Greece or Cappadocia in Turkey and Algarve, Portugal, you can be sure of an experience of a lifetime. Amalfi...

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Luxury Villas along the European Coast

Posted on 08-Mar-2013 by Administrator

Europe takes luxury to a whole new level providing the perfect base for exceptional island holidays and quintessential escapes. Soak in the Mediterranean sun staying in a villa located in exotic destinations along the European Coast. Whether you rent a house on the beaches of Majorca in Spain or Corfu in Greece or something more rustic on a hilltop in classic Tuscany or the Luberon in France - Europe has...

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