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Inspired Curated Unusual All for your family

Posted on 17-Mar-2021 by Administrator

This summer, why not consider a holiday within India with your family, We have a selection of wonderful options for you to choose from. The aim is to make it fun and interesting for your children, yet they learn something along the way so that they have warm, wonderful and exciting memories to take back home. We have blended a range... Continue Reading

Best Year End Party Destinations around the World

Posted on 10-Dec-2019 by Author : Deesha Jhaveri - Travel Enthusiast & Blogger

The holiday season in December is usually a festive, fun and frenetic period with families visiting throughout the season, reunions and celebrations and of course, Christmas shopping. The Christmas and New Year holiday season is one of the best times of the year to go on a holiday – the weather is great, the atmosphere is festive and the mood is relaxed. An important aspect in selecting a year-end holiday... Continue Reading

Northern Lights - ‘Tis the Season for Magic

Posted on 27-Nov-2019 by Author : Deesha Jhaveri - Travel Enthusiast and Blogger

Did you ever love fairy tales as a child? Fantastical stories of witches, wonder and magic? Where a swish of a wand could turn a rat into a stallion, an urchin into a princess and a drab day into happily every after. Perhaps the reason mankind has forever been (and will forever be) fascinated with fairy tales is that they present a version of the world that we would aspire... Continue Reading

World's Top Ski Destinations

Posted on 09-Oct-2019 by Administrator

A crisp, cutting breeze, clear blue skies and mountains of snow paint a picture of the halcyon winter wonderland. The wintry months bring not just opportunities for huddling by the fire and building snowmen, but also racing down the mountain slopes on a pair of skis. Skiing is a sport that requires a different brand of daredevilry - one that gives you a high that would rival one of a... Continue Reading

Self -Drive Holidays – take the road less travelled!

Posted on 06-Mar-2019 by Administrator

Road trips have always had a charm of their own. What better way to enjoy a holiday than by renting a swanky car and discovering a foreign country by traversing its length and breadth with excellent music and lovely company? There is no tour-like ‘schedule’ to follow. See what you want, whether it’s a world-famous tourist destination or even a tiny little hamlet that caught your fancy. If you want... Continue Reading

Bucket List Travel

Posted on 13-Apr-2016 by Administrator

Life is too short. And the world is far too a big place to explore in one lifetime. Every traveler has his own bucket list of “must see places before I die”. We have put together one such list of 10 once-in-a-lifetime trips. What distinguishes this list is the variety of experiences and destinations to suit every taste, from taking a cruise to Antarctica or the Trans-Siberian rail journey from... Continue Reading

Top 10 Theme Parks in the World

Posted on 09-Mar-2014 by Administrator

With summer approaching, its time to plan a summer holiday for the family. What better way to engage in classic fun with family and friends than to visit an amusement park. Theme Parks are fun for the entire family and millions of visitors to the world's most popular theme parks agree that these rides, shows, and costumed characters are well worth the waits. So, if you planning a family vacation to... Continue Reading

World's Top Ski Destinations.

Posted on 04-Jan-2014 by Administrator

When you feel the crisp, cool breeze, it’s a sign that winters are almost here, knocking on your doors.  The start of the winters also means the commencement of the ski season. Skiing, one of the most daredevilry sports in the world is known to give an equal amount of high as the mountaineers and hikers experience while conquering a peak.  It’s fast, it’s risky, and it’s thrilling! Though skiing... Continue Reading

Best Year End Party Destinations

Posted on 15-Nov-2013 by Administrator

The month of December is fast approaching. Now is the time to plan for the year end celebrations. We tempt you to look beyond the same old ambience and party scene and bid adieu to the current year and celebrate the New Year in one of the world’s hottest party destinations. From riotous street parties and fireworks extravaganzas, to marching bands and torchlight processions, here are some of the best... Continue Reading

Wine Country Discovered

Posted on 12-Aug-2013 by Administrator

A sense of place—the sights, sounds, smells and spirit of a travel destination—can endear that area to a person forever. For wine lovers, there is no better way to cement that connection than to explore the world around those vines. As the wine market becomes ever more global, packed with offerings ranging from the most storied wine regions to the most offbeat, so does the wine traveller’s itinerary. Whether your tastes... Continue Reading

Self Drive Holidays

Posted on 16-Oct-2012 by Administrator

Take charge of your time by renting a car and discover any country at your own pace. Whether you are in a high-performance vehicle, a luxury convertible or a simple sedan, you can cruise the open road in a fantasy that knows no borders.  Explore diverse landscapes, big cities & beautiful towns full of local ambience and culture, breath taking viewpoints, scenic roads, architectural masterpieces, lively beaches and more on... Continue Reading

Family Fun Getaways

Posted on 12-Apr-2012 by Administrator

A family trip is a time to bond, be adventurous, spend quality time, learn new things and create memories that will be treasured forever. So if you are planning a getaway where you can unwind and let the kids have a blast without getting in your hair, we have a great variety of holiday destinations that every family can enjoy. Whether you've got teens or tots in tow, Odyssey Travels... Continue Reading

Witness Action Packed Sports Performances This Holiday Season

Posted on 23-Feb-2012 by Administrator

Discover the fascinating wonders of some of the most spectacular destinations in the world, while you immerse yourself in the frenzy of your favourite sports event, live! A sports holiday is a perfect combination for any fan looking for a getaway that’s beyond just lazing around a sunny beach, sipping cocktails. So if you are one of those sports enthusiasts who enjoys the excitement of cheering your favourite team/ player... Continue Reading