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Top 10 Beach Destinations In Asia

Posted on 05-Sep-2019 by Administrator

Out of all the places on earth, why do millions of people flock to beaches for their holidays? The answer is simple. Just imagine this scenario – you’re resting on a hammock overlooking a swirling, endless mass of water with waves frothing white as foam as they lap at the coast. The sunlight is turning the azure waters into shades of golden while delightfully warming your skin at the same...

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Bhutan - Paradise on Earth

Posted on 24-Jul-2019 by Administrator

People travel to the remotest parts of the world to discover beauty, explore nature and to satiate their wanderlust desires. Whether it is the snow peaked mountains of Switzerland, the abundant wildlife of South Africa, the winding lanes of Paris, the stunning beaches of Australia or Miami, the sky is the limit for those looking to unravel the wonders of the world. One such place, which is the perfect amalgamation...

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Discover The Charm Of Vietnam

Posted on 16-Feb-2016 by Administrator

Located in the easternmost part of the Indo China Peninsula, Vietnam is one of the oldest countries in South East Asia with a rich and glorious history and is home to eight world heritage sites. In addition, this is a country of breathtaking natural beauty with a spectacular coastline. The people are warm, energetic and welcoming and the cuisine is exotic. This makes Vietnam a compelling destination to experience. Here are...

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Experience Exotic Thailand

Posted on 14-Apr-2015 by Administrator

In the heart of South East Asia, bordered by Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia and Burma, Thailand is the meeting point of all those peoples that forged the history of this age-old continent for thousands of years. Although the country resolutely looks to the future and is developing cities of breathtaking modernity, it has still managed to preserve its exceptional heritage. Thailand’s rich geography that comprises paradise islands, outstanding beaches and luxuriant jungles...

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The Club Med Holiday Experience

Posted on 10-Mar-2015 by Administrator

Want to experience a different kind of vacation? Where its genuinely ‘all included’, where you are spoilt for choice for activities and entertainment (again, all included) and where you are truly treated as a guest by professionally trained staff. If your answer is yes, then a Club Med holiday is exactly what you are looking for!    What is Club Med? Club Med (meaning Club Méditerranée) is a French corporation of vacation resorts...

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The Neighbouring Himalayan Kingdoms of Nepal and Bhutan

Posted on 20-Aug-2014 by Administrator

The neighbouring Himalayan kingdoms of Nepal and Bhutan are renowned worldwide for their incredible landscapes, history, nature and local people with simple lifestyle and faithful beliefs. These landlocked nations, with exotic cultures have been cloaked in secrecy and mystery from the rest of the world by the massive Himalayas for centuries. Home to iconic constructions – be it temples or palaces, these chaotic yet captivating countries offer varied and unique...

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Nip Across to Uzbekistan

Posted on 13-Jul-2014 by Aparna Thakurdas

    Uzbekistan is an unexpected delight! And we only scratched the surface. Had we delved deeper into its unique amalgamation of people and places, we may have come away with more than just a superficial respect for this land locked nation. And this coming from a mixed-race Indian!  Before I left, most people asked me to point it out on the map! And were surprised to discover, it’s just a 2...

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Best Beaches in Asia

Posted on 24-Dec-2013 by Administrator

Life's a beach they say and we regularly need a dose of rest & relaxation on a beach. We need the beach to unwind and relax, for ‘’me’’ time, for bonding with loved ones, for riding the waves on a surfboard, for diving or snorkeling to discover the rich underwater marine life, for catching up on reading that bestseller, for tanning your skin under the sun or to simply recharge...

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Must see off-beat destinations in Asia

Posted on 18-Jun-2013 by Administrator

Asia is an amazingly diverse continent, a land of mystery, legend and a place where you can experience culture in its most magnificent form. The isolation of its beauty is perhaps what sets it apart from every place else in the world. There’s more to this region than the famous sights that we hear about so often in travel guides. If you have ‘’been there, done that’’ with the popular...

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Discover Sri Lanka's Jewels

Posted on 14-May-2013 by Administrator

Described by Marco Polo as 'the jade of the Indian ocean', the tiny palm-fringed island of Sri Lanka boasts a number of World Heritage Sites and ancient temples filled with mystery. With its rich heritage, plethora of cultural treasures, stunning scenery and incredible wildlife, Sri Lanka offers explorers the chance to venture beyond the irresistible beaches and embark on a journey to discover Sri Lanka’s hidden jewels. Sri Lanka's Cultural Triangle The...

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