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Luxe Mauritius

Posted on 15-Jan-2019 by Administrator

Right in the middle of the vast Indian Ocean lies the paradisiacal little isle of Mauritius. It has forever been a tourist favourite, with the surrounding emerald blue waters, beaches and stunning natural beauty. Its capital city, Port Louis, is a refreshingly modern blend of multiple cultures while being a centre for perhaps the best water sports in the world. You can no doubt enjoy some priceless moments exploring the...

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Rainbow Nation Cape to Cape Self Drive family vacation

Posted on 24-Jun-2015 by Aparna Thakurdas

When we were planning our family summer vacation, we weren’t really sure what we wanted to do. My husband had a work trip to Cape Town, so we decided to work around this and plan the holiday around this work. We (my husband and I) had been to South Africa before but the kids hadn’t. As the holiday started taking shape, he decided to can the work trip and make...

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