Inspired Curated Unusual All for your family

Posted on 17-Mar-2021 by Administrator

This summer, why not consider a holiday within India with your family, We have a selection of wonderful options for you to choose from. The aim is to make it fun and interesting for your children, yet they learn something along the way so that they have warm, wonderful and exciting memories to take back home. We have blended a range... Continue Reading

10 Destinations that make us Incredibly proud of India

Posted on 04-Feb-2020 by Author : Deesha Jhaveri - Travel Enthusiast & Blogger

As a child, when asked to write an essay on My Country, I would always begin with the cliché of India’s diversity. Religious, cultural, ethnic and of course, topographical. As we grew up though, the lens shifted from our own nation to the wonders of the world. Wanderlust takes us to the farthest corners of earth, the Eiffel Tower of Paris to the Pyramids to Egypt to the wilderness of... Continue Reading

Best Year End Party Destinations around the World

Posted on 10-Dec-2019 by Author : Deesha Jhaveri - Travel Enthusiast & Blogger

The holiday season in December is usually a festive, fun and frenetic period with families visiting throughout the season, reunions and celebrations and of course, Christmas shopping. The Christmas and New Year holiday season is one of the best times of the year to go on a holiday – the weather is great, the atmosphere is festive and the mood is relaxed. An important aspect in selecting a year-end holiday... Continue Reading