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Odyssey Tours and Travels has an experienced documentation team to assist clients with processing tourist and business visa applications for almost all countries in the world including USA. Apart from B1 / B2 visas for USA, we also assist with USA Student Visa applications and Work & Dependent Visas.

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USA Visa Categories:

Odyssey can assist with the USA visa applications for the following visa categories:

  • USA Tourist, Family or Friend Visit Visa (B2)
  • USA Business visa (B1)
  • USA Student Visa (F & M)
  • USA Work & Dependent Visa (H & L)
  • Renewal of USA visa B1/B2/F/M/H/L Categories

Jurisdiction: USA Embassy or Consulate allows applications to be lodged at the nearest Embassy or Consulate in Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai and Kolkata irrespective of which city & state the passport is issued.

USA BI (Business Visa) / B2 (Tourist Visa) including renewal:
The B-1/B-2 visitor visa is for people traveling to the United States temporarily for business (B-1) or for pleasure or medical treatment (B-2). Generally, the B-1 visa is for travellers consulting with business associates, attending scientific, educational, professional or business conventions/conferences, settling an estate or negotiating contracts.

The B-2 visa is for travel that is recreational in nature, including tourism, visits with friends or relatives, medical treatment and activities of a fraternal, social or service nature. Often, the B-1 and B-2 visas are combined and issued as one B-1/B-2 visa.

To qualify for a US B1 / B2 visa, you must demonstrate that:

  • The purpose of your trip to the U.S. is for one of the stated reasons mentioned above
  • You plan to remain in the U.S. for a specific, limited period
  • You have a residence outside the U.S. as well as other binding ties so that you will return to your home country

USA B1 / B2 visa processing details:

Processing Time Minimum of 4 to 5 days after the interview
Visa fees Rs 12160/- ( For B1-B2 , F & M category), Rs 14440/- (For H & L category)
Odyssey Service Charges Rs 2500 per person + GST
Validity of the Visa
  • 10 years multiple entry for B1/B2 category (granting of the visa and the validity is decided by the US Consulate or Embassy)
  • For F/M/H/L as per approved petition
No. of Entries Multiple
Duration of stay
  • Upto a maximum of 6 months for B1/B2 category (decision depend upon the Immigration Officer on arrival in USA)
  • For F/M/H/L as per approved petition

Checklist of documents for NEW B1 / B2 USA visa application:

Here is the checklist of documents required for applying for a USA visa:

  • Current passport with atleast 6 months validity and a minimum 3 blank pages
  • Old passport (with valid or expired USA visas if any)
  • The VISA application form duly filled which will enable us to fill the visa application online on your behalf
  • Additional supporting documents will be required depending on factors like applicant’s current occupation, sponsor of the trip etc
  • Student visa: Approved original signed Form I-20 from your U.S. school or program
  • For H & L category visa: Approved I 129 Petition / Form I 797 petition approval Notification

Checklist of documents for RENEWAL B1 / B2 USA visa application:

Here is a checklist of documents required for renewing a USA visa through the Drop Box Facility (updated as on 01st June 2021):

  • Current valid and old passport (including photo copy of front & last page and photocopy of valid & expired or valid USA visas)
  • The VISA application form duly filled which will enable us to fill the visa application online on your behalf
  • Two passport size photographs as per these specifications: Size 50 X 50 mm, white background, face should comprise 80% of the photo, applicant to wear dark clothes, without eyewear and both ears should be clearly visible and no teeth should be shown
  • For H & L category visa: approved I 129 Petition / Form I 797 petition approval notification

Student visas:

There are two student visa categories:

  • F-1 visa: This is the most common type of student visa. If you wish to engage in academic studies in the United States at an approved school, such as an accredited U.S. college or university, private secondary school, or approved English language program then you need an F-1 visa. You will also need an F-1 visa if your course of study is more than 18 hours a week.
  • M-1 visa: If you plan engage in non-academic or vocational study or training at a U.S. institution then you need an M-1 visa.

Work Visas:

There are several categories of work visas and the main ones listed are:

H-1B (specialty occupation): An H-1B visa is required if you are going to the United States to perform services in a pre-arranged professional job. To qualify, you must hold a bachelor's or higher degree (or an equivalent degree) in the specific specialty for which you seek employment. USCIS will determine whether your employment constitutes a specialty occupation and whether you are qualified to perform the services. Your employer is required file a labour condition application with the Department of Labour concerning the terms and conditions of its contract of employment with you.

H-2B visa (skilled and unskilled workers): This visa is required if you are going to the United States to perform a job which is temporary or seasonal in nature and for which there is a shortage of U.S. workers. Your employer is required to obtain a Department of Labour certification confirming that there are no qualified U.S. workers eligible for the type of employment on which your petition is based.

H-4 (dependents): If you are the principal holder of a valid H visa, your spouses, including same-sex spouses, and/or unmarried children (under age 21) may receive an H-4 visa to accompany you to the United States. However, your spouse/children are not permitted to work while in the United States.

L-1 (intra-company transferees): An L-1 visa is required if you are the employee of an international company which is temporarily transferring you to a parent branch, affiliate, or subsidiary of the same company in the United States. The international company may be either a U.S. or foreign organization. To qualify for an L-1 visa, you must be at the managerial or executive level, or have specialized knowledge and be destined to a position within the U.S. company at either of these levels, although not necessarily in the same position as held previously. In addition, you must have been employed outside the United States with the international company continuously for one year within the three years preceding your application for admission into the United States. You may only apply for an L-1 visa after your U.S. company or affiliate has received an approved petition from USCIS, either on a "blanket" or individual basis.

Note: Blanket L-1 interviews are only conducted at the U.S. Consulate General Chennai

L-2 (dependents): If you are the principal holder of a valid L visa, your spouses, including same-sex spouses, and/or unmarried children (under age 21) may receive this derivative visa. Due to a recent change in the law, your spouse may seek employment authorization. Your spouse must enter the United States on his/her own L-2 visa and then submit a completed Form I-765 (obtainable from USCIS), along with an application fee. Your children are not authorized to work in the United States.

US visa document checklist:

US Visa FAQs:

How soon should I apply for my appointment?Open or Close

Even though most US Visa applications are processed in 2-3 business days, in case additional processing is required, it may take up to 12 weeks. Moreover, it is difficult to get appointments as well. Therefore, you should plan to apply for your US Visa as soon as possible OR around 3 months in advance.

How long does my passport have to be valid in order to apply for a U. S. visa?Open or Close

You must possess a passport valid for travel to the United States with a validity date at least six months beyond your intended period of stay in the United States

My passport is damaged or expiring soon, but I want to apply for a U.S. visa. What should I do?Open or Close

before your interview Please obtain a new passport if:
  • Your passport is going to expire in less than 6 months after the time you enter the United States.
  • The film on the biographic data pages of your passport (i.e., page with your photo and back page with your parents' information) is peeling, or
  • Your passport is otherwise torn, damaged, mutilated or has been washed or laundered.

My passport has expired, but the U.S. visa in it is still valid. Do I need to apply for a new visa?Open or Close

No. If your visa is valid and unmarked or undamaged, you can travel with your two passports together (old and new), if the purpose of your travel matches your current non-immigrant visa. Also, the name and other personal data must be the same in both passports, and both passports must be from the same country and of the same type (i.e., both tourist passports and both diplomatic passports).

I have accidentally damaged my U.S. visa. Do I need to reapply?Open or Close

If your visa has been damaged, you will need to reapply for a new visa. If your visa was issued recently, you may not need to have a new interview.

How can I extend my visa?Open or Close

The validity of a visa cannot be extended regardless of its type. You will need to apply for a new visa.

I changed my name. Is my U.S. visa with my old name still valid?Open or Close

If your name has legally changed through marriage, divorce, or a court ordered name change, you will need to obtain a new passport. Once you have a new passport, the Department of State recommends that you apply for a new U.S. visa to make it easier for you to travel to and from the United States.

My U.S. visa will expire in the next 6 months. Do I need to apply for a new visa after my current visa expires or can I apply in advance?Open or Close

You do not have to wait until your current visa expires. You can apply for a new visa even if your current visa is valid.

I changed my name. Is my U.S. visa with my old name still valid?Open or Close

If your name has legally changed through marriage, divorce, or a court ordered name change, you will need to obtain a new passport. Once you have a new passport, the Department of State recommends that you apply for a new U.S. visa to make it easier for you to travel to and from the United States.

B1/B2 Visa FAQs:

How long can I stay in the United States on a tourist or business visa?Open or Close

A U.S. non-immigrant visa grants you permission to travel to a Port of Entry (airport/seaport) in the United States. When you arrive at your destination Port of Entry, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection officer who processes your entry will determine the length of time that you may remain in the country. You may travel to the Port of Entry during the validity of your non-immigrant visa up to and including the last day the visa is valid. The visa duration does not determine the length of time that you may legally remain in the United States; only the Customs and Border Protection officer can decide this upon your arrival in the United States.

My visitor visa (B-1/B-2) expires after my intended date of arrival in the United States. Do I need to get a new visa before departure?Open or Close

You can arrive in the United States right up to the last date of validity indicated on the visa. The Customs and Border Protection officer on arrival determines the duration of your stay in the United States. Your visa can expire while you are still in the United States – just be sure that you do not overstay the period of time the officer grants.

Work Visa FAQs:

What is a petition?Open or Close

Before applying for a temporary worker visa at the U.S. Embassy, you must have an approved Form I-129, Petition for Non-immigrant Worker, from USCIS. This petition must be submitted by your prospective employer no earlier than 6 months prior to your proposed employment start date. Your employer should file the petition as soon as possible within the 6-month period to allow adequate time for processing. Once approved, your employer will be sent Form I-797, Notice of Action.

Can my U.S.-based relative sponsor me for a work visa?Open or Close

No. Only your employer can sponsor you.

When can I enter the United States?Open or Close

You may not enter the United States until 10 days prior to your employment start date, as noted on your Form I-797 or on your offer of employment letter.

Who pays the Fraud Prevention and Detection fee and when do they pay it?Open or Close

An applicant for an L-1 visa traveling on a blanket petition must pay the Fraud Prevention and Detection Fee. On individual L, H-1B and H-2B petitions, the U.S. petitioner pays the Fraud Prevention and Detection fee to USCIS when the petition is filed. These fees are to be paid at the Embassy/Consulates with a demand draft/cashier’s cheque.

When I was last in the US, I changed my status from one classification [e.g. Student (F1) or Temporary Worker (H1B)] to another. Do I need a new nonimmigrant visa?Open or Close

Yes. If you have changed your status, you must also present evidence that you did so lawfully by providing USCIS Form I-797 (Notice of Action) for Change/Adjustment of Status to the consular officer at the time of your visa interview.

I am applying for an H1B/L1 visa and would like my spouse to travel with me. Can he or she apply for a dependant visa (H4/L2) at the same time as me or should they wait until my visa has been issued?Open or Close

We recommend that the spouse and dependent children go for their visa interview at the same time as the principal applicant.

I currently have a valid B1/B2 visa. If my H1B visa is stamped, will my B1/B2 visa be cancelled?Open or Close

Generally, no. It is usually permitted to hold multiple visas as long as they are different visa classifications. However, the final decision rests with the consular officer.

Student Visa FAQs:

What is an I-20 and how do I get it?Open or Close

The Form I-20 is an official U.S. Government form, issued by a certified school, which a prospective non-immigrant student must have in order to get an F-1 or M-1 visa. Form I-20 acts as proof-of-acceptance and contains the information necessary to pay the SEVIS I-901 fee, apply for a visa or change visa status, and be admitted into the United States. The Form I-20 has the student's SEVIS identification number, which starts with the letter N and is followed by nine digits, on the upper righthand side directly above the barcode.

How early should I apply for my student visa?Open or Close

You are encouraged to apply for your non-immigrant student visa as soon as you have your I-20. To ensure you get an early and timely date you may apply at any time. Student (F and M) visas for new students can be issued up to 120 days in advance of the start date for a course of study.

I received my visa, when should I travel?Open or Close

You may only enter the United States within 30 days of the beginning of the course of study stated on your I-20, regardless of when your visa was issued.

What if I receive an I-20 to a different school?Open or Close

If you received an I-20 after scheduling your appointment, then you can inform the U.S. consular officer of the new I-20 at the time of the interview.

What is the SEVIS system and how does it affect me?Open or Close

The Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) program requires schools and exchange programs to verify the enrollment status of all new and continuing foreign students and exchange visitors. Student visa applicants are required to pay a SEVIS fee before a visa can be issued.

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