6th Finger

The Corona virus outbreak has brought the world to its knees and we are living in a ‘perfect storm’ where the whole world has been equally affected by the virus. Covid-19 has fundamentally changed how we look at things including our sense of touch and feel. As we now know, the virus can stay alive on surfaces between 24 to 72 hours (depending on the type of surface) and is spread by through touch (first by touching the surface and then our eyes, nose or mouth).

Inspite of taking adequate precautions by wearing a face mask, maintaining social distancing, washing our hands frequently and using hand sanitizers, we are still at risk of contracting the virus as we use our hands, mainly our fingers, to access publicly used facilities like ATM machines, door knobs, lift buttons, toilet flushes and many more items in our day to day lives.

Introducing the ‘6th Finger’, your contactless safety device made of special FDA and ROHS material which you can use to protect yourself and break the chain!

Key Features

  • Ergonomic design offering a steady grip

  • Made of special FDA and ROHS material which is sturdy & non breakable

  • Multi-purpose use - reduces many finger operated touch points

  • 20 kg carrying capacity

  • Inbuilt keychain

Watch this video to see how the 6th Finger can be used to reduce
finger operated touch points in your day-to-day life:
 Smart Case

Safety Case

You can protect the 6th Finger from foreign bodies by placing it in a ‘Smart Case’ which is made out of 21 CFR grade Polymer (sold separately).

Both the 6th Finger and Smart Case can be cleaned periodically by using sanitizer spray or using just some warm water and soap.

As India eases restrictions and we ‘unlock’ and slowly resume our livelihoods, the 6th Finger can be your safety net and protect you from the virus. Make it a habit to use the 6th Finger in your day to day routine.

Multi Uses of the 6th Finger

  • Operating Lifts
    Operating Lifts
  • ATM machines
    ATM machines
  • Credit Card machine
    Credit Card machine
  • Toilet Flush
    Toilet Flush
  • Opening Taps
    Opening Taps
  • Using Dispensers
    Using Dispensers
  • Opening / Closing Doors
    Opening / Closing Doors
  • Opening / Closing Drawers
    Opening / Closing Drawers
  • Open Car Doors
    Open Car Doors
  • Lifting a Carry Bag
    Lifting a Carry Bag
  • Keychain
  • Trademark No.(s): 4496307 / 8
    Design Regn. No. 329195-001
    Product Patent Pending

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