Highlights of Japan - 2017

    China, Japan & S.Korea - 8 Nights 9 Days
Highlights of Japan - 2017
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Japan, an archipelago of 6800 volcanic islands, is a world apart from any other country. It is a wonderful  contrast of tradition and modernity -  glitzy skyscrapers co-exist with Geisha girls, flashy neon lights do not overshadow quaint little tea shops, cutting edge modern technology works in tandem with ancient craftsmanship. Besides sheer curiosity, savouring the delights of Japanese cuisine is a large reason to visit this country. The people are charming and courteous, the rail network is fantastic. However, its best kept secret is the stunning natural beauty of Japan and it should be a large reason for visiting this island country.

Our tour of 2017 is an upgraded tour from 2016. It has been modified after taking into account the feedback we received from our 2016 guests. 

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